Badger Fur Medicine Bag
Badger Fur Medicine Bag
Badger Fur Medicine Bag
Badger Fur Medicine Bag
Badger Fur Medicine Bag

Badger Fur Medicine Bag

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This badger fur medicine/tobacco bag is perfect for holding your sacred medicines, be they herbs, crystals, stones or something else. Or, with its slightly larger size, it would be perfect for holding loose tobacco or cedar for offerings. It is hand stitched and hand beaded, with prayers for the future owner offered with every stitch. The bag is made from one piece of badger fur hide, with the top Beaded with a rolled bead edge in brown and gold colored miyuki seed beads. The front is adorned with a gold charm decorated with positive words. Finished with a long leather strap that will allow you to adjust it to your perfect length. The body of the bag is approximately 4 inches across and 4 inches high.

A few characteristics of badgers/badger medicine:

The white stripe on a badger's back is symbolic of how open it is, providing knowledge and enlightenment to other animals and the earth.

The strong jaws tie the badger to the mysteries of the “word” – in particular the magic of storytelling. Badger reminds us to remember stories and give them away to people when they are needed.

The remarkable digger hints at the ability to see beneath the surface of all things and people. Also, the closeness to herbs and roots make badger dynamic healers.

Loners and solitary, badgers teach us to be self-reliant and comfortable with ourselves.

Bold and ferocious when cornered, badger reminds us to never surrender.

The badger imparts persistence, determination and endurance. Badger also gives mental energy and fighting spirit. It would rather die than give up, so badger teaches us how to stick to a project and see it through to completion.

Calling upon the badger energy will supposedly allow the healing to penetrate deeper into the system. Many motions of Reike healers are similar to those used by ancient badger medicine people. In addition to healing energy, badger power includes prophecy. Badger knows both past and future while it maintains a firm grip on the present.

If this describes you or you are drawn to badger, this might be the bag for you!

PLEASE NOTE: I only use scrap furs to make my bags. If I had my way, none of these beautiful animals would be trapped and killed for the fur trade. But since they are, I figure I can do my best to honor the animals by taking the scraps from furriers and making these medicine bags to honor their lives and spirits.