Meet The Maker

Hello, and welcome to Spirit Art Designs. I thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  My English name is Stephanie. My traditional name is Phežúta Wašté Wíŋ, Good Medicine Woman.   This name was gifted to me many years ago by an elder during a ceremony.   I strive to live up to my name by bringing good medicine wherever I go, and I work with intent to imbue each piece I create with good medicine for the future owner.

I was born and raised in the ancestral lands of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota, and currently reside on the ancestral lands of the Chiricahua Apache and Tohono O’Odham people of what is now southeastern Arizona.   Although my heart will always belong to the tall prairies and the badlands of the Dakotas, these mountains of my Apache family called to me, and they now serve as daily inspiration. 

I learned the art of traditional beadwork many years ago from my Blackfeet and Apache family members.  It is a heritage that has been passed down for generations. I have always found the art of traditional bead weaving to be meditative, allowing me time to be in prayer and connect to Creator.   

As a stone medicine person, I have always loved working with and handling gemstones and crystals.   They carry so much ancient wisdom from our ancestors.  Their healing energies and Grandfather/Grandmother Spirits inspire me.  I carefully choose the crystals and stones I use for their energy and the properties they bring to my creations. I love to let the stones speak to me and guide me in the creative process. Everything I make is crafted with intention.  Every bead strung or stitch added contains prayers for the future owner/wearer, as I was taught.

I believe we are all interconnected - earth, animals and human beings, and the materials I choose all have their own stories and spiritual properties.  Hence the name, Spirit Art Designs.  I honor the Spirit in all of the materials I use.

For years I created pieces and sold them haphazardly via Facebook or Instagram.  But then I had a vision.... After participating in a dreaming workshop facilitated by the amazing Ecko Aleck of Sacred Matriarch, I found myself practicing my dreaming one day when I was given a clear vision of a line of creations based upon the four elements of earth, air, water and fire.  My vision was very clear, and I knew the Spirits of my creations were calling to be birthed.  And here we are... 

am honored and humbled to be able to present these collections to you.  I hope they bring you as much joy as they brought me in their creating.  Wóphila.  Much gratitude.